Traditional & Classical Chinese Medicine in Cape Coral, Florida

Treating the whole being, our acupuncture clinic in Cape Coral, Florida, incorporates traditional and classical Chinese medicine. As we know it, Chinese medicine developed from those 2 primary sources.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
This is a rather recent system of Chinese medicine formulated in 1965 when the Chinese government sought to have a standardized form of medicine. This form of standardization is what is currently taught in the majority of universities in the United States and all universities in mainland China. The study of this system of Chinese medicine is required to attain National Board Certification.
Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)
Dating back to the 3rd century BC, classical Chinese medicine follows a lineage of 100 generations of health and has its roots before the Han, Wei, and Jin Dynasties.
The study of classical Chinese medicine in the Taoist Tradition dates back to the beginning of the I-Ching (Book of Changes-2800 BC) and ultimately to the eastern Indian Vedic culture.
With this worldview as its foundation, classical Chinese medicine has as integrative view of the body, human health, and longevity. CCM emphasizes the overall well-being of the person. It takes into consideration not only the health of the human being, but also their overall lifestyle and approach to living.
Naturopathic Medicine
Cape Coral Acupuncture Clinic blends the Western model with the Eastern model. Our acupuncture clinic works from a total picture and blends adrenal stress test, hair analysis, and complete detox protocols into a single working plan.
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